Running Spiral Track

I was enjoying the new DKC footage and thinking how it reminded me a bit of Gopro.

The thing that struck me about Gopro when I went there was how the track seems to go inwards on itself, and then unwinds out.

This reminds me of something called “the running spiral” which is a graphic design doodle that appears to have evolved simultaneously around the world in cultures that had zero contact with each other. In other words, it appears to be a instinctive design:


Anyways racing seems to be about who can be fastest in a circle, in its base form. Ovals became twisty I guess and sprint track racing evolved.

But yet, the running spiral beckons and some sprint tracks feel like they reference the circle/spiral as their core design.

Here’s an interesting version of a track that is also a running spiral: race to the center and then back out:

As to why this design element appears to have evolved in disparate cultures at different times: I think the running spiral is a wave, effectively. I think the inspiration comes from the ocean and the lines of swell that crest and barrel.

I would like to see a track designed using two circles laid side by side. The outer perimeter is the traditional oval. I would like to see an attempt to use the inside of the oval as well as periphery. Something that references thhe two inner spirals within the oval.

That… doesn’t sound like much fun at all to drive. :joy:

Admittedly if it was a pure spiral it would be a nightmare.
Let’s see the whole complex with just one turn input…

But, I think something that goes inwards towards the center and back out could be cool as heck. Gopro (Trackhouse) has that feel.

The double circle (oval) allows for straight bits which makes it interesting.

Ok let’s make intersting and design the track in 3 dimensions as opposed to a flat plane. Multi level. The new rental facilities all think upwards now:

Honestly I think SKUSA/USPKS and Xander could have a lot of fun with multi-tier karting! :sunglasses: just no punting Norberg from the top deck, please. Beat him fairly.

it would be fun if 2 or more karts get together in a corner…either design will require some serious hopping by a rescue crew of some sort

Yeah but think of the evolution:

I’ll race you to that tree.
(I’m tired and now I have to walk back to my beer).

Next race: let’s race to those bushes and then back to our beers.

Race after that: well that was annoying having to come to a complete stop, turn around, and race back. Let’s try racing around the house instead. Start and finish at our beers. Circuit racing is born.

I am gonna assume that folks started simple and got more complex. I assume there have been some truly awful layouts/formats and that we sorta fell into where we are after a natural evolution process of trial and error.

Ah but the only place where that could happen would be at the nexus. The eye of the storm. Appropriate. I could see the outwards kart transitioning to an upper level.

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I think Gopro was modeled after the historical S.Pancrazio (Parma) racetrack, which was squeezed between a railway and a parking lot, so they created an interesting design

Yeah they have a cool video about the inception of the track. They even have some of Parma’s kerbing. I can’t find the link with the rebranded website.

Reminds me of this “fun” kart track in the Wisconsin dells.


A brutalist masterpiece. Magnificently dystopian karting.

Did you enjoy your karting adventure comrade? There are no refunds.

I love that photo, by the way. The young lady seems to be feeling it. Maybe that’s because she just juked the fools 3 wide behind her.

Also, the course designers included right angle kerbing. Wtf.

I am gonna Norberg this photo. (Who is his rival?) I have a vision. I hope I can execute. (Space reserved).


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Oklahoma Motorsports Complex has a spiral section.

4 corners in a row one direction, and then 5 corners in a row the other.

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Ooh good one. We are getting to the heart of the maze…

What’d you put in your vape this morning Dom? :joy:


I boofed it. I’m sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I thought you said where did you put your vape this am?)

Just nicotine today. This is more me daydreaming than anything else. ADHD I guess.