Rust Removal in Crevices

Can anyone help with this rust removal in between these fins. The scotch brite is not working when i can’t apply any pressure in the tight spaces.

Get a smaller piece of Scotch-Brite and a little pick or screwdriver to scooch it in there. Or a small paint brush with stiff bristles and some WD-40.

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Is there any part of the engine I shouldn’t get wd40 on?

First I don’t think you have rust as these motors are aluminum. So whatever it is you are trying to remove it is probably going to be difficult and require a solvent, not just abrasives. Your motor looks fairly clean to me, I wouldn’t get too worried about some grime.

Oh wow I did not realize that it wasn’t rust. What causes a build up of this orange-ish grime? It had only spent a month in the garage

It’s a common fallacy to assume that aluminum can not oxidize. In fact, it can if the conditions are sufficiently acidic, such as in/near a maritime environment.

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Well the problem is my kart is kept in my garage. My garage stays open 24/7 because of my animals that run in and out of the garage all the time. So during extreme rain/humidity every piece of metal in my garage becomes soaked with condensation (sweat). is there a way to prevent this? would a dehumidifier work?

I use Damprid in my trailer where I store my shifter. Before I was getting a lot of rust on the exhaust. Now I get very little , I use two 1 gallon buckets and just place them in the trailer. They are still not full 3 months after, plus it smells good.


A dehumidifier or damprid for that matter wouldn’t really work as all it’s going to be doing is fighting the oustide air if you keep your garage open.

Your engine looks really clean so whatever you’re doing is working, I’m really OCD about my stuff being clean, after every day I clean everything but no matter how much you scrub stuff will be left.

You could take the engine off and put it inside or you could spray some metal protector dry spray, I use it on my x30 and it works well. I can’t remember the name. When my engine is really dirty I use Carb cleaner and spray it down (being careful of the chassis and electrical connectors).

Last suggestion would be to leave your garage open only slightly so that your furry friends can run in and out while preventing some humidity. Is a doggy door a possibility?

Being a Florida resident, humidity sucks but no matter what I’ve tried it won’t completely go away.

It’s my parents policy. they’re obsessed with letting the dogs have full view of our property because they love to lay in the garage under the fans and look out at everything. but yeah i am just going to take the engine inside after every race weekend. i have a spare room i can store it in. that was kind of my last resort but i may have to use it.

One last idea, you could seran wrap it or cover it with a plastic bag if you’re in a pinch. I seran wrap my tyres when they won’t be used for a bit. If not taking it in isn’t a bad idea.

Agreed. Rust is corrosion, but to be rust you need iron. I had to zoom in far as possible to see what the OP was talking about. whatever is on the surface is probably a combination of environmental as well as chemicals.

When you do a bottom end, I wonder if it’s possible to have the case given a “spa” day in an ultrasonic cleaner bath type thing.

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I’m just an extreme clean freak when it comes to everything expensive that i own. car, computer, tools, kart… etc. it has to be absolutely spotless. i actually became a car detailer in highschool to feed my cleanliness addiction

It’s the cool/cold surfaces where moisture condenses when it’s humid enough to rain. The only way to prevent that is to keep your surfaces warm, but that sounds hard to do when your garage door stays open.

If you’re worried about the exterior of the engine, imagine the interior if it hasn’t recently been run and covered in oil.

appreciate the nightmares. i’ll just keep this bad boy inside away from the elements. shouldn’t take but 10-15 minutes to put back on each time i need to use it

A simple solution is to spray some WD40 on metal parts & surfaces. Check & re-apply occasionally if/as needed.