Rusty 206 silencer

Reading through some inter web discussions…is it against rules to clean/polish a spec 206 muffler? Mine is pretty ugly looking with the Florida humidity and I thought about removing it and taking a brass wheel or steel wool to it to clean it up. I know it’s not going to shave a tenth off but my ocd for old rusty stuff kinda gets under my skin. I like shiny, lol. I can spring for a new one but not sure how long before it’d just end up looking like my current one anyway. I like to keep my things tidy and clean looking. (Except my garage :grimacing:)

Depends on your tech guy. I would suggest spraying it with some deep creep then wiping it with a paper towel. put it on every heat cycle. After about 3-4 sessions it will be back to brand new.

Will PB Blaster work? I have a couple of cans of that on my shelf. It does penetrate rust really well and I use it on my truck and car to cut through tough rusty bolts.

Screw it…10 minutes with the brass wheel on my workbench grinder and it’s cleaned up a lot better than it was. Not entering any official races for a while until I get better at driving so by then, it’ll probably be rusty again anyway :man_shrugging:

The trivial things that bother me are probably laughable to most. I guess I just like being out in the shop having to tinker with something to beat weekday boredom :crazy_face:


The tuned pipes on two-strokes do the same thing. As far as I know there is not Tech for the pipe other than must be O.E. so take a wire wheel on a cordless drill to mine every other race or so. I generally soak it with PB first, then hit wire wheel and it comes out looking brand new again.

I have heard hitting it with a coating of WD-40 after the race/practice day does a pretty good job of preventing the oxidation, but I usually forget.

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Yes, now just coat it with any lube at the end of every day and you will never have to wire wheel it ever again

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Looks good. Now I have to do mine :grin:

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Just put it in Muric Acid for about 1 hour… you juat need to make sure it pins good.

Then it will flow better too! #Why they should outlaw the older mufflers.

P.S. The highest flowing mufflers tend to actually lose power across the band.

Mine gets covered in gunk from the chain and rear sproket which then hardens due to the heat, yuck.

After the wire wheel, you can polish the muffler with gray scotch brite on a grinder. Shiny!