Rusty Exhaust

Getting back into karting after a 20yr layoff. Purchased a used KA100. Exhaust has the usual surface oxidation. Would like to clean it up. Whats the best way to get rid of the rust, and to prevent it from re-rusting.

How to get rid of the rust, Spray with WD-40, Zep 45(something to clean it up a bit, but not brake cleaner as that will really eat paint) then use Steel Wool to get rid of the rust. You will have to respray the pipe just an FYI.

but preventing rust I would spray it with heat resistant paint up 1300 degrees. That has protected mine all year and I have had 4 rain days on it.

Given the KA pipes are not painted I use hydrochloric acid on a rag and wipe the outside of the exhaust to get rid of the rust may need to wipe it over a couple of times. then wash the acid off with water, then coat in CRC, WD40. should bring it up like new.

If you use citric acid it is pretty safe and will help protect the metal.

Just keep it WD-40’d and it’ll be fine.

As a note, USPKS rule 505.13 states:

Shall be OEM as manufactured; intentional header and
pipe modifications are illegal. Interchanging, plating or
ceramic-coating is illegal. The system shall be intact at the
start and finish of the race as manufacturer intended. One
hole for EGT probe is allowed in the header. If probe is
not in place hole must be plugged. Must use OEM gasket,
only one is permitted. Excessive leakage in any part of the
exhaust system is illegal and competitor could be DQ’ed.

I haven’t seen a DQ for painting or coating the pipe yet, but just something to be aware of just in case. I’m pretty sure USPKS/Route 66 wouldn’t tech that item but if a competitor were to call it out, they might have to do something about it.