Ryan Norberg Race Review: Ep. 1 40th - 15th How to drive through a field

I haven’t watched it in detail yet, but first impression is that this is a solid effort from PSL and Ryan. Love to know your thoughts.

Nice break from the “buy our kart chassis because it won some race in a series you don’t run, under our tent with our resources” :blush:


Enjoyable. I love how folks who know what they are doing can make such quick decisions in a race.

That seems mostly like an advert his ability in traffic, the pace compared to other is really no different (actually a few times other karts pull away from him).

What he clearly is, is consistent and decisive. The others around him make mistakes (like dropping a wheel off the track then playing with their carb) or botch overtakes allowing him to catch them and once he’s within striking distance he makes the move. He also fires someone off but thats karting. I wasn’t listening so I don’t know what he has as excuse for that.


I’m going to give him credit for at least making the effort while others haven’t.


I enjoyed that. One more practice session and i’ll be that good too :roll_eyes::joy: