Ryan Norberg talks about to get into karting (video)

Pretty decent video summary. Only wish he included having people come to the Kartpulse Forums. :wink:

There’s a little bit of bias with engine choices, but that’ll always change depending on when people listen to the video. Still good start though.

Is rotax not a thing or is he omitting it because sponsors? No 4 stroke at all?

I give Ryan props for doing this but it’s not very fleshed out. Still, a good start and would have been helpful to me in the day.

Also, why the straight dismissal of rentals? That seems like a good start point for the truly new. Unlike a TAG test day, you can hop in a rental race for 50-75 bucks.

I guess with Ryan being famous, this is helpful because people will see it.

Well from Ryan’s point of view, getting into karting is getting people in race karts, but I definitely here you.

I thought the same thing about why four-stroke and Rotax wasn’t mentioned, but at least he did something. Most people can’t even be bothered to make a video.

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Yeah I am being picky and mr Norberg should not take offense. He did a fine job within the criteria he presented.

That being said, maybe as pro guy who has been competition karting this whole time, he probably had a very different get started experience than most. So, he might not see any value in the slow cheap stuff because it wasn’t on his radar.

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Nice little video.

It’s very difficult to keep advice simple without having to explain the whole story of why karting is as fragmented as it is. That’s what I felt anyway. There’s so many engine packages now that it’s got to a point where it’s an impossible task. Coz you mention Rotax, but then you have to go “well there’s EVO engine and PRE EVO engines”…

Lo206 or maybe ka100/rok vlr is really all he should have mentioned for this video to be worthwhile. I also disagree with the blanket dismissal of rental karts, they can be a worthwhile stepping stone for adults who are looking to have fun and not go “pro”.

He does state how to start ‘professional’ karts though.

Well now that you put it that way! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How many people with zero karting experience are prepared to start karting “professionally”? That is, to make income as a go kart racer.

An equally good point.

It is funny though, the typical Reddit thread asks “is it too late to become a pro karter?”.

So, I guess many folks do think that way. Or at least think that that’s what karting is all about.

As an adjective professional fits within this context because he is saying the karts are ‘professional’. If he said “how to be a professional kart driver” then I would see why that would be a problem, but how to starting racing ‘professional karts’ (the kart itself is ‘professional’ not the driver), well I think the dictionary definition allows it “related to work that needs a high level of education or special training:”

it’s hard to find a descriptor for a high performance kart this easy to understand. Not perfect of course, but I think there’s enough leeway. We might say “nah, I don’t use Adobe Premier, it’s too professional for me, I just use Windows Movie Maker”. So as an adjective, yeah I think it’s scrape thorugh. it doesn’t just mean income.

Dude, all I was saying is that rental karts are a perfectly legitimate stepping stone to owning a racing kart or owner kart or professional kart or whatever you want to call it.

No, that’s not ‘all’ you said :slight_smile:

You referenced using the term ‘professional’ in relation to income, hence my rebuttal. This is not how Ryan used it, nor me. It was an adjective to describe the vehicle. No one is saying rental karting isn’t a good way to start (though to be honest we never needed it 50-90 to grow the sport), but if you’re making a video on how to start what most consider normal karting, then there’s no reason to mention rentals. If you mention rentals, then you ahve to mention Rotax, if you mention Rotax you need to mention EVO and PRO. If you mention them you need to mention L206, and the the new Tillotson series… and 60mins later it’s a mess of a video :slight_smile:

Or not mention specific engines at all. How about keeping it simple with budget 4-stroke route and performance 2-stroke?

No need to get granular about engine packages for all the confusing reasons you mentioned.

It’s always confusing :slight_smile:

“Okay, so this is where it gets reallly complicated…”

I think it would be pretty simple to point out that 4 stroke is generally your entry level and that lo206 or world formula are most common, but check your local track before buying. Briefly discuss 2 stroke like you say, and then move on.

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Yeah agreed. That line was me quoting Alan as he explained the mess.

Except there are high power 4-strokes in the market and low-power 2-strokes. So you need to explain that :slight_smile:

I think Ryan’s video is fine, ya’ll being a tad unfair. He is making content, trying to build his channel, and that’s a good thing. Anoraks like me can go into the whys and hows, but I think we’re asking too much of Ryan. What he is doing is a net positive.

Anorak? This is a French word for coat. What is the Brit usage?

Also, I did state that I was picking nits and that Ryan’s efforts are always much appreciated.