Ryger Revo Clean 1?

I recently stumbled upon this. The claim is 30K rpm making 65 hp, condensed lubrication (ie. No premix) from a 2 stroke? There’s no mixing of gas & oil, & the lower crank is fully sealed, so the air-fuel mix doesn’t mix with the seperate oil that lubricates the bottom end. The claim is cleaner exhaust with 40 hrs rebuild intervals (Don’t know if this is for top or bottom end). And it’s carbureted; no EFI.

The performance doesn’t seem physically possible unless they’ve stumbled upon some new metallurgy. Take a look at the breakdown of the design:

Is anyone familiar with it? The FIA homoligation paperwork is out there, so there’s that. I’d really be interested in an unbiased 3rd party review.

I don’t know if such a thing exists. There’s been hype about this for 4years or so?

It strikes me as a lot of hype especially with the RPM claim and so on. Something doesn’t add up marketing wise.

Which is a shame because it might well be a great product, just not as good as the claims make it out to be.

With it being homologated one has to wonder why it hasn’t dominated in KZ since it came onto the scene in…2015?

Yeah, they definitely seem to be taking an extended, long term rollout approach strategy. I read on the site that the development genesis spans back 15 yrs. Not sure what to believe ATM. If you watch the vid, the presenter - who is an unbiased 3rd party - lays out the basic design, which is certainly a fresh take on the 2 stroke, but it doesn’t present with anything that would lead me to believe that it can perform at the levels being claimed.

I mean, although it has the cylinder rings at the base of the piston’s range of travel, the piston skirt doesn’t appear to contact the cylinder wall, so it seems like there could be a net reduction in incurred frictional losses. At the same time, there’s more material at the piston crown area, which means more weight reciprocating at potentially up to double the usual KZ engine speed. Supposedly. Can fuel-air even be drawn in fast enough to sufficiently charge the cylinder at 30K rpm? The ignition setup appears de rigueur; can it ignite & generate a flash front with sufficient energy to get good combustion at such speed?

I’m open minded here. There isn’t really much to be had by trying to scam the kart market, so I can’t say that’s all this is. I’m genuinely curious.

Yeah it’s a very weird deal. The claims don’t add up. 65hp is a lot of air to consume with gas, you probably would have to turn 30k RPM (and maintain efficiency) to make that much power with a 125

Also, thinking of metallurgy and things not ripping apart… 30k rpm and 54mm stroke corresponds to a mean piston speed of 54m/s

To compare…

The last of the NA F1 engines at 20k RPM is 26.5m/s

Last round of 100cc FA/FSA kart engines 35m/s at 21k RPM

given those claims were made four years ago. if it was really that impressive, more info would have come out in that time. Not sure this CIK FIA Homologation attachment will work; but here goes.

Ryger Engine 40-M-24.pdf (2.3 MB)


Even if it spins to 16K, the no premix/clean burning aspect is interesting. But like James has said, it’s not out there dominating the KZ universe.