Rylo 360 camera on sale

Just a heads up… the Rylo 360 camera is on sale for $199 with a waterproof case at bestbuy right now. They’re probably closing it out.

It’s a fantastic camera, but hindered by a lack of Windows editor (use mac, iphone, ipad, certain androids), it’s picky about which SD cards will work (which I learned the hard way), it overheats if you record 5K 360 video for more than a few minutes (just record 4k 360 video), etc… but if you know the pitfalls it can do some very cool stuff.

Here’s a couple of videos shot with it…
both were edited on an android phone…

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200 bucks for a true 360 cam is a very good price

That’s awesome. I think I got motion sickness watching that video…

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I use the samsung gear 360. Because they were a give away with some phone you can find these cheap. Also works with 360 video editors. There are also adapters so it can work with your gopro mounts

Justin do you have the gear360 mounted on the fairing? Mine kept shutting off on the fairing and would only stay running if it were helmet mounted (which is not safe…). It’s also a great camera, but no waterproof case for it so when I found a cheap used rylo I gave it a try.

TJ, yeah… yep, I did go overboard on the panning around. You can also export a standard straight ahead view or export a full 360 video. Viewing a 360 kart video (that one was shot with the samsung) using VR goggles is like riding along which is awesome for seeing what the driver and other drivers are doing, but motion sickness? yeah.


How does one watch this? What I am seeing is full time 360 view. I thought it was such that it gives you a normal view but you can pan the view 360 in YouTube real time?

I do have mine mounted to fairing…it catches my feet and hands when I want to watch. My mount did crack though because of the camera itself and slid across the track. Thing still works like a charm. I will be working in the offseason to re-enforce that so it doesn’t happen again.

And with editing…you can set a center point similar to when VR is shot. There is a center point of reference that can be marked.

On this video it is 360 and you should be able to pan around or move/tilt your phone around… or put on a VR headset and look around… and the point of view will change. If you aren’t able to do that and are seeing a weird front and rear side by side view then your phone or browser doesn’t support 360 video.

Gotcha. Thanks. Will try with vr tonight.