Sad news about Sabine Schmitz (Top Gear)

We will miss her, a lot. She had a great joy of life and was a heck of a pilot. Our condolences to her family and friends.

Also, a belated “Thank you.” for all the crazy, cool things you did and shared with us.


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I’m gutted this week between the death of Murray Walker and Sabine. Both had an energy and enthusiasm that was infectious and they’ll be sadly missed :cry:

There are a fortunate few whose demeanor and expressions light up those around them. Her face is frozen in a moment of laughter when I think of her. I suspect Jeremy and the gang were in awe of her and I imagine that they are absolutely gutted.

For those who don’t know her, she was a famous driver whose experience at Nurburgring was unparalleled. She raced and won there professionally many times and also was a ring driver, commercially.

Here is a famous episode of top gear that highlights her attempt to land a sub-10 min lap at the ring in a Ford Transit work van:

And there’s that smile again!

And, her race career:


RIP queen of the Nurburgring

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