Safety Tech- Need Help

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That clip is a Birel standard clip.
Contact whoever is your closest Birel dealer and buy the relevant bolts from them. If it cost you $50 I would be surprised.

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Slippery slope there. If you’re personally inspecting and passing a kart for safety, liability could fall back on you personally in the unfortunate event of something happening.

There’s a reason the majority of series and tracks are self-tech.

@KartingIsLife Where’s your 20chars? :joy:

That is wishful thinking. The kingpin bolts alone (2) will cost you $50. The other issue is there are some bolts like the caliper mount that don’t have a clip because of tolerances or design and can’t be pinned either.

The kingpin bolts on a Birel is most likely the most exspensive you Can find (19euro)

Have you checked Fastech? They have some. 10 for $11.

what Kart is it? All the ones I have, including those that are 20+ years of age, are compliant. Meaning they either have drilled bolts or machined tips to accept a safety clip or wire. IPK, Tony/Kosmic, CRG/Aluminos/Maranello. They all had it from factory on spindles, steering, pedals etc

Factory Kart, and kkart components.

I believe this also boils down to insurance is stepping up their requirements. At our first Rotax race this year we were warned by round two all lead had to be double nutted and safety wired or clipped.

Just gonna have to suck it up and do it right. You wouldn’t want somebody else to half ass it causing you to get hurt so I think it’s respecting others you do the same.

I bought a handful of longer bolts of various lengths that take the round circlips from Acceleration Karting. Gotta pay to play sometimes.

I had to swap a ton of bolts on my Croc to pass at KRA a few years ago…

I don’t get a free pass. They’re there :slightly_smiling_face:

This was definitely an insurance-driven thing, which began in the middle of last year. I very much appreciate the extra safety when it comes to lead weights, but why anyone gives a shit if my throttle pedal falls off is beyond me. They don’t tech rear hub bolts, and that’s more of a safety issue the the 3rd bolt on the steering wheel being safety wired…

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Because someone out there probably had the pedal fall off and the throttle was stuck on. :man_shrugging: At least it’s a set it and forget it on stuff like the brake and throttle pedal. You shouldn’t have to touch them again after you get them wired up.

It is what it is. Once someone somehow manages to lose the rear hub I’m sure they will ask us to do the same.


Ah, that explains it :zipper_mouth_face:

I think some KKart components are CRG compatible, you may solve CRG spares for big items like spindles. For the generic parts I think acceleration had M6 and M8 bolt kits or singles

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Ah. You’ll need to get the replacement bolts from Suburban Bolt and Supply in Roseville MI- they’ll ship. (586) 775-8900. Minimum order for drilled bolts is $100 which should get you all of the ones you need and some spares.

Top Kart USA carries grooved hardware.

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