Sarah Fisher and Partners Acquire One of Karting's Oldest Permanent Tracks

KA100 will be around a 10/83, if you have/can buy a 9 tooth driver from Comet you can get that and run a 9/80ish probably? The KA100 there only hits about 14,000 RPM with a 10/83 so a 9 tooth driver would be beneficial to have. Some guys are on 84’s but anything higher will probably throw a chain quickly.

They had 6 KA Seniors at the last event, and I know there are a couple more that have been out there for practice days but haven’t raced yet.

There will be another KA/VLR soon. Waiting on a new chassis for the new engine in the garage. OVKA race in a couple weeks is gonna be awesome if we can get all the normal WRP guys to show up for all the classes, too.

Hey how many ya expect in the masters class ovka has around 8-10 how about whiteland What would gearing be

3.85ish gearing on 206.

For future reference in case anyone searches the interwebs in the future and finds this…9T is not necessary for KA at Whiteland.

Put on 9/79 and within 5 laps on a track I’ve never been to was turning 16,400 rpm.

Stick with 10t front driver.

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