Saw this little guy at the track the other day 🦘


“What chassis adjustments should I make to get rid of my hopping problem?”

I’ll see myself out. :wave: :sweat_smile:


Thats nothing, there are porpoises at the F1 tracks.


Arrow kart team principal :man_shrugging:

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Closest I can get to that is a squirrel. I have go pro video somewhere that I will dig up… I sure wouldnt want to hit that thing!!!

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We also get Roo’s at our track, although the fact we have a specific standing rule for if you see a snake on track, while racing is funnier to me!

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I am curious what the rule is? 180 degree turn and floor it?

Oddly, we have rattlesnakes in NJ (mountainous areas and down south in pine barrens). But I’ve never seen so much as a bunny at etown/NJMP.

A buddy hit a full-grown goose that had wandered into the track in the last corner of a national race while he was leading.

We had a doggo visit the track one night.

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These dang ground squirrels run all over the place at 61 Kartway. Some are faster than others. I believe my son has the unofficial record of 3 in one weekend :flushed::man_facepalming:

The rule is to avoid it and come straight in, automatic red flag.

We had a driver hit one and flick it up unto the kart behind him. That was a brown flag…


Do you have a signal the driver gives when they see the snake or do they just tell the scales marshal?

Yeah just come in and tell an official.
We also have a bit of a joke signal where you wiggle your arm like a snake, but that’s more for laughs in seniors.

I had a near miss with a goose that flew over my head when I was racing Spec Racer Ford. I was doing about 90 at the time