Scaling. How important is cross weight?

So new kart. And I’m scaling it currently. This a quick and dirty just to try and figure out where I’m at. Surface should be level but I haven’t got the level out yet to confirm. as I just wanted to see where I was at.

Does this tell you that anything is wrong? And where would you place weight based on this?

This is what I have been kicking around. But my cross is still terrible and front/rear is meh

Cross is fairly important and can be used as a tuning tool on occasion. Starting at 50/50 is the goal. If your seat is in the right spot and it’s still off that much I was start looking at chassis straightness or making sure nothing is accidentally offset.

Yep that’s what I was afraid of. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to do a thing before the next race. I’m going to take a bunch of measurements tomorrow. See if I can figure out what it is. Maybe need to offset the seat more to the left possibly?

I have found a few setup issues that might have been causing it as well. Need to find someone with a chassis table. @DavinRS does HRE have one?

Honestly it could just be my scales too. Going to press forward and see what it does this weekend. If it’s not drivable then I’ll start going down the rabbit holes. Supposedly only 4 races on the chassis. And based on zero rub marks on the chassis I tend to believe it

Were the pressures set even?

Scales 100% level?

Pressures no. And level-ish. This was a quick and dirty to see where about I was. But it threw me off when my front left was heavier than right front.

I rechecked my seat measurements. And they are spot on to manufacturers recommendations. I’m going to rescale once I make sure we are squared away.

Did you have an appropriate fuel load in the kart? Other than that, were the weights actually mounted or just placed in roughly the right spots?

They were not mounted. I used that app to play around with placement. First pic was no weights. Second was with weights in about where I thought they would go.

This is weights installed. Front/rear a lot better. But cross still off. I might see if I can move the motor over another half an inch. That should help quite a bit.

What class and chassis is this? I agree that front/rear looks a lot better, but left to right is a little trickier to get correct.

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Scales being level and tire pressures being set correct can have a massive impact on corner weights.

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Everything needs to be dead level and square or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

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It’s been years since I’ve scaled a kart, but back when we did, our general rule of thumb was to have the fronts within 5lbs of each other, and the rears within 10lbs. As others have mentioned, really no point in scaling if they are not completely level, and tires are not set to equal pressures.

If you’re latest read out is an accurate representation of your corner weights, then you’re going to notice a pretty significant difference in how the kart turns left vs. right.

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Agreed with the sentiment that you’re really sort of wasting your time scaling if the scales aren’t set up properly.

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