Sciatica and karting

Has anyone ever suffered from sciatic pain not from karting or heck even from karting and was able to fully recover to get back behind the wheel? The past month+ I’ve been experiencing this and its definitely looking like it going to put a damper on the racing :frowning: I could go on and explain the situation and how I’ve been to clinic 2x and hospital 2x doing physio, chiropractor and massage to start and have been since the beginning :-S

My first time in a real race kart I made 2 sessions and knew I had an issue. I parked it next to a fence to help myself out. Had trouble standing, limped, etc. I raced 6 weeks later. Still had trouble standing, limped, etc.

I used to race bicycles at a weight of around 130. Now I weigh 210 and don’t look it. I carry a lot of weight that doesn’t show. Upper legs and butt. That can crowd the sciatic nerve.
What helped was time, stretching.

I did this a little: I am not recommending this without a caveat.
(look up tennis ball sciatica) It was painful at first but seemed to make a difference. A LOT of folks say use the tennis ball. It may not be the way to go. Do your research first. It might be an antiquated/wrong thing to do.

Incidentally so did a session in an arrive and drive rental kart, go figure.

Then look @ this; (also AthleanX in general) for a counterpoint

I feel he knows better than most people and follow what he says in general.

Thanks @Mike_Clark :wink: see this is kinda what i was looking for as i am suffering from piriformis syndrome causing the sciatic pain. Ive had friends tell me to do the tennos ball before but i never seen the point and knew it woukd just be extremely painful. Have you been successful in returning to the track without issue? If i read your story right you started with the tennis ball technique and thought it may have helped until you did a arrive and drive session? Have you been able to overcome the issues?

I’m not sure if it was the tennis ball as I did the stretching at the same time.

I felt better after getting an arrive and drive session. I went to the track with a group and promised my wife I wouldn’t drive. 1 guy couldn’t make a session so I took it. I felt better after the session.

I would drive with the problem. I could lift the kart, but walking wasn’t fun. Eventually it didn’t bother me much. I feel it once in a while when I get up in the morning. I am 55 years old though.
I have only done rentals in the recent past. Working on getting back in my own again. Next rental race I may race 2 classes back to back. I am thinking about adding a pad for the padding and to take up slack in the big rental seats.
I am not sure if it was the bumps, curb, vibration or if it was just time. I didn’t think I had any prior issues before but ended up realizing I’d go numb if I sat on a hard surface too long.
As Jeff Cavalier points out the sciatic nerve is not that deep, so probably easy to get at in a kart seat.

Sorry to necro this thread but perhaps this would help. I bought this for my sim rig as I have sitting issues due to being butt-less. This might help under you in a kart (or something like it). It does raise you an inch or so, however. I can now drive endless laps where without it it was 1/2 hr before discomfort got too much.

Pricier but perhaps worth it?

Thank you. I have been toughing it out. I felt it a bit this Sunday.

I can be frugal:

I commend you on your frugality and common sense sir. The memory foam is pretty good and there’s a bazillion Chinese knockoffs.