Science of the Racer's Brain in 180 seconds Episode 1!

Some of you may know already , but I’ve co-authored an upcoming book on the science of the racers brain with Dr Otto Lappi of Helsinki University.

We’ve put together a video series to help people into the subject that we’re exploring. Episodes 2 and 3 can be found on the YouTube channel.

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Pinned for a week. Spicy content.

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Ooh. Exciting! :+1: This sounds interesting.

Dom, this reminds me of a conversation we had a while back about reaction versus instinct. Perhaps this is a better clinical explanation of how a Racer’s mind interprets inputs versus the average person. Sort of how our brains respond to environmental changes or situations compared to the average person in the same circumstance. Like there is a cognitive reference point to which we understand and use differently than the collective does.

Yeah. This I agree with. It jibes very well with the idea of the lap being compared against the “movie” you have constructed in your mind (of the lap). You are intuitively verifying placement/orientation/speed as you go along, getting pinged when you are off-plan.

It also speaks to the idea of pre-seeing things, noting their position, registering them, and moving on visually. You gather info visually, the relevant bits, but don’t dwell on them.