Screeching / Squealing tires. Too much grip?

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Next Monday it will start 57th National Championship in Brazil on a track with asphalt in the straights and a few turns and concrete in most of the turns. I realized that, when I join the concrete section of the track, usually my tires screech in that turns. Does it mean that there is too much friction between my tires and the surface? Should I reduce the tire pressure or change my setup to reduce friction?


Screeching would indicate sliding, so too LITTLE friction. Not unusual on concrete surfaces though, I would focus on tuning the kart to your physical feeling, not based on the tire noise. Some track surfaces produce more or less noise and doesn’t necessarily mean the kart is handling poorly.

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What TJ said, and it can also depend on what tires you are using, I vividly remember the mojos making a ton of noise.

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MG Red are the official tires in the Brazilian 4 strokes championship. I use this type of tires for more than 7 years, but it is the first time in a concrete surface.

I’ve found concrete is a very squeaky surface in general, I wouldn’t read too much into it as I think it’s more due to acoustics where asphalt may dampen some of the noises that can be heard on concrete.

^Very loose assertation

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