Seal coating tracks

Seen a few tracks before that applied sealcoat to the entire surface of their track, some fairly recently. I ran on one a few years back and seems a good route for an older surface that just could use some new life at a much reduced cost compared to full repave. Just wondering if anyone knows the products that are used for a track? I’d assume it’s not the standard sealcoat that you’d see on road or parking lots.

Having come from the drifting world: seal coats are awful for traction. A lot of events we ran were on various parking lots, similar to AutoX. My experience with them is thta they feel oily and regular use cause the coatings to burn off or migrate quite quickly.

The best way I can describe it is they feel in between a wet and dry track.

Maybe there are race-surface-specific coatings which have additives or do not degrade grip; however, in my experience, they are no good for racing purposes.

The one track I ran on that had a seal coat actually had plenty of grip, although it did make the tires squeal like crazy. Also had the effect of barely wearing on tires. Very odd to say the least.

I think it depends. The coating at DKC seemed very grippy and they put some down at etown that haven’t noticed any difference.

you might next time…

Oh God no. There goes the neighborhood :grinning:, or at least the asphalt.