Searching for a fuel filter bracket

Looking for a bracket to hold/mount this type of filter on the frame:

Any ideas?

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I feel like I’m being called out :laughing:
What color?

James, it’s good to be needed. :smiley:

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Yeah, well, your spidey sense should be acting up. Is the site still a WIP? I can’t order from it, & that specific bracket isn’t shown.

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I have the details I need for the products now, I’ll run an import and wrap up the pages shortly :+1:

To answer your question, I haven’t seen a bracket. I thought RR had one but it doesn’t look like it.

How about something simple like padded zip-ties?

The pic you originally posted is what I’m referring to. Bracket, clip, clamp, or whatever you call it, it had that exact same filter.

Don’t think it’d work because the largest diameter edge on that filter would be rubbing on the frame. What James had posted looked tailor made.