Seat and rear brake bleeder fixed

Just installed the new seat,so difficult because I was anal about keeping the seat off the shift linkage.I finally got a good set up now I just need to get some padding.This is gonna be a sweet ride when I get it set up with new goodies like tires and maybe a decal kit.! I will have to name this kart.My last Yamaha R1 was a beast her name was Tokyo Rose 20210903_165643|690x388

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You install the linkage around the seat, not the seat around the linkage. Seat position is way more important.

Good job getting it done, tho.


Thanks for the input,this is a learning curve for sure.what tools do recommend for next time to make it easier.This Birel seems to have a shorter wheelbase than my CRG DD2.

There are different seat mounting jigs you can buy, but I’m a fan of the “c clamp a board across the bottom of the frame rails” method. I can take a few pictures and post it this weekend of how one would do it that way.

Bending the shift linkage, I just use a bench vise and pull to the shape needed, checking fit after each bend. (I just did my CR80 shift linkage earlier.)

As you can see, it’s super bendy. Seat mounted first, linkage fit after.

Man that’s a well built Kart you have.You definately take pride in your work.What I like about the CRG is that it’s brand new and never been torn apart.The Birel needs some TLC just needs a few details.Everything on the CRG is nice now to work on the Birel and try to make as perfect as I can.