Seat and tie rod measurements

I think this one will be a personal opinion/preference……

  1. Seat question - My seat sits offset(due to the motor) to one side and when I measure from the bumper bar to the left side of the seat it’s shorter by 1” than the right. Does that sound correct or should it be almost even?

  2. Tie rod/toe question - Im running 0 toe on the lasers and I measured from tie rod end to tie rod end and they are different measurements left and right. Is this ok?

Thank you

My seat is almost always cocked a bit.

Different tie rod length depends on the chassis. Some are 10 mm different and some are the same…

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The OTK seat guide has the seat 10mm closer to the bumper on one side than the other. 1" sounds like a lot, but some karts might require a little different seat placement.

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