Seat Fit between mounting post's no clearance...too tight?

Just got my seat for my Birel Monza Build. There is no clearance for the seat to fit between the mounting post unless I lightly tap the seat into place between the post’s with a mallet. Is this a problem? I’m worried that over time with such tight clearances that the seat will eventually crack?

I’ve tried bending the mounting posts slightly outwards but to no avail.

It’s a size 3 Large standard issue black fiberglass for comet kart sales.

Thanks Guys,

Should be able to bend the struts outwards with a rubber mallet or an axle as a lever.

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If you have an old axle, use it to bend the left side seat mount outward until you have room for the seat and one large seat washer per side. I never bend the right side mount- only the tab for correct seat to tab mounting angle. I worked on an old Monza and remember the seat mount being fairly difficult to bend. You may need to persuade it with a dead blow hammer. Don’t be shy with the hammer :wink:


I don’t know whether it would actually help, but I would also look at applying gentle heat (like hair dryer or heat gun at a distance) to the join of the left and seat stays and the chassis rail to avoid the powder coating/paint cracking.

Bearing in mind please that I haven’t done this but when I recently helped a mate fit his seat there was faint cracks in the powder coating.

Hopefully TJ or someone else who does this with more regularity can suggest whether my idea is of any value at all…

I’m less concerned about the paint cracking and more concerned with getting the clearance necessary to have the seat fit between the brackets.

Use an axle as mentioned against the chassis rail and V of the stay. If you have a helper they can put their weight on the engine(right hand) side of the kart while you lever outwards.

sounds good - I don’t have a spare axle so I need to find another extension to get the job done

A hair dryer or heat gun isn’t really going to do much in terms of making the metal more pliable.

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I think he’s talking about softening the powder coat to soften it a little.

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A dead blow style mallet is the proper tool for the job and is less likely to strain the metal on the rails at the welds. I never use an axle or anything to pry unless there are just no other options.

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