Seat flex question

So I bought a Crg 28mm torq chassis as a roller and wanted to run in in Briggs master at 375lb I am 6’2" and 218lb so I am guessing its going to be pretty flexible. I am coming off an Arrow AX9 30mm which is considered fairly stiff but have used their own Karttech seat, question is…soft chassis flexable seat or stiff chassis stiff seat??? I fit a Tillet t11 xl the best but they make 3 or 4 different flex’s which one do i go with? I know a seat can ruin or make a chassis great. Any one have ideas?

I think the general thing is that higher horsepower have more flexible seats, generally. So I suspect a 4 stroke Briggs doesn’t benefit from very flexible. Someone more knowledgeable will pipe up.

I think since the chassis is already so soft, you may want to go with a seat of medium stiffness. Maybe the T11t ? Someone like TJ can confirm

Thanks, i am hoping someone will chime in. I know axle stifness, hub lengths/ widths etc are somewhat relative to driving style. But I am under the understanding that seat flex should be paired to chassis flex. And if you get it wrong the kart will never work right matter what you do.

Try emailing [email protected]

They are the US distributor for CRG racing karts and should have info on what seat works best for a Torq

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Will do thanks Aaron, I spoke with another CRG dealer whom the Kart was bought from and they blew me off, I guess because I wasn’t buying new or having them mount the seat they weren’t interested in helping me.:sunglasses:

That’s a bummer. Might be worth giving that feedback to CRG Nordam.

The kicker is that this kind of info can be posted once and referenced 100’s of times. But some businesses like to do things the hard way :man_shrugging:

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I think there is more a correlation to tire compound, which is associated with engine type.
Not many low hp class run sticky tires.
Nevertheless in my opinion and testing, the stiffer seat will give you more mechanical jack on entry but will also set the kart down early on exit. And softer is opposite.
Im not going to say what is better because each case/ track/kart/driver is different.
On the karts I race we have a CIK hard tyre (which is still pretty soft), I myself prefer a softer seat as it allows me to trailbrake really deep (car hangup thing) without getting to reactive. Also you can adjust balance with brake easier.
Then at mid/corner and exit the sidebite loading with the soft seat keeps that inside wheel dangling and kart alive.

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Nice Marin, I contacted Crg Noram but have not heard back. See thats me! I’m out of IT Sedans so late/ trail braking is my thing. So slower lift didn’t cross my mind for braking. We are running Vega max one Greens, I’m not sure if they label them that in the US but up here in Canada its Purple (shifter) Blue(2stroke classes) Green (Briggs) they all have a very mushy sidewall construction, I find way less chassis feel than when we ran Mojo D1, or a Maxxis SLH for example.

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Marin have you ever tried a jecko seat?

Chris, no i havnt.
Actually I dont think I have seen them in NZ.

Ok cool…i think they’re equivalent to like a t11t in stiffness

Bringing this topic back to life as I have a similar question to Collin. Our local track sells Compkarts and the Compkart seat is quite flexible. It seems to work well with the chassis which I suspect is on the flexible side. I am trying a 32mm Arrow chassis and wondering what seat would work best. I would think a stiffer seat might be appropriate but my thinking isn’t always right. Any thoughts?

CompKart 4R is pretty dang soft, but it works well with the CompKart seat and a Greyhound seat, which seems to be quite a bit more stiff with minimal changes to handling. Just an FYI.

My buddy running a 206 on a 32mm Arrow 2 cycle chassis is talking about trying softer seats.

Matthew, I run KA with the Arrow using a repaired Deepseat. I have a Compkart seat to try, would be interested in your buddy’s input as well.

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