Seat Padding/Cushions help

So I just got a 19 Alonso Kart and the seat fits pretty well. The issue I’m having is when I’m driving I notice my butt and back sliding down lower. So when I’m coming up on a high G corner I have to do that butt hop in the seat to get my torso and ribs to the correct height. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with sliding in the seat. I’m already planning on getting foam inserts for the side but I know I’m gonna keep sliding up and and down.

I’ve seen people use gaffers tape on the seat bottom for some added grip. But I’ve never had an issue with it. I normally keep light pressure on the heel stops and steering wheel to hold my body back.

I also have never had an issue with sliding down in the seat. Is the seat bottom mounted level?

Some people will put a pad of foam between their crotch area to stop them from moving out of the seat.

Otherwise, like Zach said you should be pushing yourself back into the seat anyway with the heel stops and with your arms on the wheel.

I use these for padding.

If you are sliding, something like pieces of this cut appropriately, might help. It’s firm and could be used under appliances. It’s sticky backed and I have stuck it to the seats, gas tanks, frames, etc.

A piece of carpet tile cut to profile glued to the seat base works well

I had a similar issue. My but kept sliding forward in the flat bottom seat. I ended up getting some high density foam from the hardware store and used adhesive backed velcro strips to attach it to the forward upward slope of the seat. This kept my rump planted and the velcro made it easy to remove for cleaning or seat adjustments.

What Dom suggested sound like it would work too. Maybe just not as easy to remove.

Its very hard to tear so its not a problem with a little elbow grease.Its thick high density foam padding, Rubber-style. Not soft like neoprene.

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Says “neoprene” in the link title.

Yeah but I associate that with the wetsuit material that is stretchy and more airy. If this is neoprene, its very dense. To me it feels more like a foam. Anyways, you might put a pad of this under the washing machine’s feet, for example. You can cut it with scissors, its only 1/3 ".

Slight cross post, but just picked up a new seat one size smaller (from XL to L). Went from a a T11t to a T11VG too. I like the new seat as far as Side Fit, but still having the issue of my “NoAssAtAll” sliding forward. I understand the flat bottom seat is supposed to lower your CG, but the sliding throws off the balance. I plan on adding in forward pad to the seat to keep my cheeks planted a little better. Given the steep angle of my knees, it is difficult to keep my heels pressed into the stop, so hopefully the padding will keep me back in the seat.