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Hello. My dad got me a new seat… a Tillett T11VG, I have no clue how to mount if or what dimentions to use… I have som docks from tillet that say what the clearence from axel should be but if i look at my current seat its off center to the left side, (i asume this is for weight distrubution) How do i get that offset? Or are the seat post set in a way so you get a seat offset naturaly?,
I am around 160cm and i weigh around 54kg.
Ipk has a little reference that also showes the placement rear/forward in the kart but still nothing about offset or tilt etc. I want to have the seat leve with the chassis tubes or like 1 sporcket up beacuse thats what i like and Im used to…
I Also watched some yt videos but its for a different seat and chassis.
Kart seat fitting instructions 2018.pdf (

I need to have it mouned before next week for race and everything setup good for swedish nationals in 1 month

My suggestion:
-Stick to IPK prescribed measurements (the above screenshot)
-Offset left/right: 5mm (front tube to front seat edge)
-Incline: none. The T11 has a flat bottom so by putting 2 square bars under the chassis and a weight on the seat, the bottom will align flat to the bottom of the chassis

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So the offset wil automaticly be to the left ? And the offset front of seat to chassis bar is right now about zero so idk really.
I have a seat mounting tool that you mount under the chassis and i use a sprocket to get it a bit higher up bc im short
and want a higher center of gravity.

And the offset is not on the whole seat its ike only the top that offests so you can se it
Here is a teampte i made from a older post and i did it in exce for everyone:
Seat template karting.xlsx (306.7 KB)

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