Seat setup for tony kart racer

Tony Kart Racer

Hi I’m very new to karting and have purchased a tony kart racer and brought a large tillet seat to fit. Everyone I’ve spoken to has either said it’s too hard or it’s some sort of voodoo witchcraft in fitting a seat to this chassis. Can anyone on here please give me a run down on fitting this magic seat? I’m pretty handy with tools being a mechanic but this is all very new. Thanks in advance.

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Setting the seat in the correct location is one of the most important steps in getting a kart set up to handle properly. Your body is a huge percentage of the ballast in the kart, so a seat that’s in the wrong place can completely upset your chassis handling.

Always start with the manufacturer recommended settings, which can be seen here for OTK karts:


Thanks mate I’ll give it a crack.

Does anyone have the newer recomended seat posistions from OTK for the 2022 Racer 401RR OK-KZ (1045mm wheel base)?
Also does anyone have the newer OTK 2022 chassis setup guide?