Seat size... could it be too small?

Purchased new margay ignite, margay distributor at the track help set up, and select seat. first break in ok, second practice day have some lasting soreness left mid back. using sparco rib protector. anyway… i squeeze into the seat… i mean i fit but it is as tight as it could be. is it possible to have a seat too tight? i was thinking too tight would be better than too loose, maybe i over did it? or… is this soreness common as i get used to the additional g’s (grip) (had been driving the rentals there before). thanks!

Its possible you overdid it. Yeah the seat should be snug. But, unlike helmet padding, seat wont break in. If it is causing you real discomfort, i’d revisit this.

Yeah it could be too tight. You want a little bit of room without flapping around in there. Depending on where on your body exactly it feels tight, you might be able to bend the seat brackets outward slightly to make more room. Also take a look and see if there are large spacers between the seat and bracket.

Thanks! Moved seat stay back an inch or two… now not on side pressure point, solved it (pain in back).

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It’s good that the seat is tight, but of course you’d need to fit in it. Those who has a too big seat often use pads to make it tighter.
In other words, as tight as possible without hurting.

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