Seat strut fatigue

Hi all, I noticed that the powder coat around my seat struts is cracking, is this a sign of fatigue? What should I do if anything?

Compkart 4R lo206 at 375 and 385 with a deep seat. I am running two additional seat struts as well, 1 on each side.

Weak spot on most chassis. Make sure there is minimal tension when you tighten the seat down and if/when it breaks, have it welded.

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Silver one looks like it lives a stressful life. Bottom pic. Almost looks like hairline crack but isnt.

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That looks cosmetic to me. The paint/powdercoat is cracking because it is more brittle than the underlying metal.

In my experience (we have 2 Compkarts) The fluorescent powder coat is very brittle and looks more alarming on the surface than the condition of the metal below. There is no doubt the steel has flexed, but it is most likely not cracked. You will find similar cracks in the paint around the bearing carriers too.

Thanks, yeah the powder coat near the engine mount has taken a beating too. I know that is common for all chassis but it seems to be holding up worse than the Intrepid I ran last year.

As TJ mentioned check the seat is still installed without any tension on it. Loosen up all the nuts and check that the seat is kind of free-floating. When you loosen and re-tighten the nuts and the seat wants to move around or you can feel yourself pulling the seat around when tightening then the seat is in a bind.

Justin the owner of Compkart made a good video on seat install.

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