Seat won't fit

A friend just bought a 2021 Birel. He had to buy a larger seat. The new seat doesn’t fit between tbe seat struts. What is the solution to getting the seat to fit? I assume the seat struts need bent out? What is the best way to do that? Thanks.

Bend out seat struts… Generally left side when sitting in seat.

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As mentioned, you can bend the left one over a bit. Use a long pipe for leverage. Wrap it in a towel or something to keep from scratching chassis.

Just be careful. You’ll be surprised how easy you can move it. Don’t get crazy on the first try and move just enough to make it fit.

Skip to 2:40 to give you visual of the above.

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I use the lead BFH sometimes.

I use an old axle generally. Works great.


I have used both a bottle jack or even a scissor jack from the car to open the seat mounts. If you have space for the motor you do this against each stay and just make the opening larger. If you want to bend just one side you can push off of the frame as the seat bars are easier to bend. You will likely have to use some pieces of wood to get the right length. It also helps to have an extra set of hands but can be done solo. Regardless of the method you will likely have to bend the tabs to have them set flush against the seat.

I’ll be the pessimist here. Go ahead and expect to crack the weld on the left seat strut where it meets the frame. When bending, its not a matter of “if” but “when”.