Seats - Tillett Vs IMAF

Hey guys,
I run a BirelART AM29Y with a 206 and I’m looking for a new seat. I am 6’1" 200lbs so I am trying to find a seat that lowers my COG, but has a tall enough back to support my upper body.

I’ve seen/heard plenty of great things about Tillett seats. Does anyone here use them? Also, IMAF has a variant of the F6 for taller drivers… Anyone have any experience with these?

Lastly, what stiffness would you recommend for the 206? Right now I believe I have a medium and the kart is pretty free. I just don’t want to leave anything on the table as a few tenths are seperating 1st-10th in my class.


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I don’t know anything about the Imaf but I really like the tillett t11 series seat. They are nice. I’m 5’10’’ 210 and have the ML size of the T11t. T11t is the medium flexibility seat. I’ve seen tall guys with these seats with no compliments. As far as rigidity and what your chassis will like running 206 I don’t know. But the T11t imo would be a Neutral setup seat and if I had to pick one that would be it.

Where are you located?

The IMAF breaks very easy. Pretty much going to replace or reglass every other race.

Hey given you are 6ft 200lbs, have you considered a deepseat or ribtect seat?

I found it to be a huge help. It goes up a bit higher and wraps around torso slightly.

So far, a “flat bottom” seat will help you lower your CG the most. At 6’1”, you’re tall, but not to the point of major concern overall. Your weight is a little higher than the chassis may have been designed for but again not massively so.

Tillett seats are tried and true. The NEK seat is great for people that have rib issues or don’t want to be as active in the seat.

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I’ve run an IMAF seat for 2 1/2 seasons, no breaks! I also race on an extremely bumpy track and track with LOTS of curbs.

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