Securing Kart to Small Utility Trailer

I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to transport my kart, and with my storage unit requirements, I’ve settled on getting one of the following trailers:

4’ x 6’:

4’ x 4’:

The issue I’m having at the moment is figuring out how to put the kart safely on these things. There are a few problems specifically:

  • The wheels of the trailer rise above the bed. Seeing that it’s only 4’ wide, the rear wheels or side pods are going to prevent the kart from fitting properly.

  • If I were to add some wooden boards to clear the wheel wells what would be the best way to do that to allow easy loading/unloading of the kart and secure strapping?

I saw a few people with a similar setup in the transport thread but details on the trailer construction and strapping are minimal. I would love some more insight on this from people who have already been running something similar and can point me to the right direction.

Would something like this be an option for you?

This was basically my first trailer, I know it’s a few hundred more expensive but it would be better (and safer) in my opinion. It would be easier to load and unload the kart, which makes a huge difference after a long day at the track!

If you plan to be alone, either get one with a ramp like Sahib suggested OR go with your original idea, create a wooden box that clears the wheel wells and with the top that is slightly higher than the kart on a roller stand. That way you can roll your kart on the stand, put it on top of the box and roll it over all by yourself. Then use the box to store the stand, spares and everything you need.

Kart on top you can strap it down on the 4 corners

this is the concept. Box underneath, flat on the top. 4 rings on the corner, secure with straps.
Box underneath can be made into storage for anything you need

Same thing, metal version

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Don’t stick the whole kart way up in the air - that’ll add drag when you’re towing.

Instead, put short pieces of a railroad tie in front of and behind the tires, with a gap of about 3" between them for the tires to drop into. Then mount 4 eyebolts on the bottom of the deck or trailer frame.

Then use ropes with at least 1 ton breaking strength around the hubs to hold the kart to the eyebolts. Much faster than ratchet straps and they won’t snap.