Securing the Kart to a trailer

So I got one of these Harbor Frieght Trailer from a guy down the road to haul our kart to the track. Since I’m so green I’m brown ( I dont know what this means ) I was wondering if I could get some tie down advice in securing it to the trailer.
Here are some pics to size it up.

Get some etrack. Couple of rings and use tie down straps

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Here is how I use e track to secure my karts.

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When I had an open trailer I made a metal strap that went over the axle and down to the floor so I could pad lock in place in case I stopped for lunch or something. Another method would be a cable lock through the floor and frame.

Also don’t forget to put an old kart tyre underneath the front. It stops the front wheels from touching the floor ensuring the kart won’t move about.