Security with an open trailer

With an open trailer, how are you securing your kart?

The scenarios would be - going somewhere for a weekend and having to stay in a hotel overnight.


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Other than maybe a secure storage space, your options are going to be limited in a practical sense just because it’s open. A tie down cover + proximity alarm, & maybe chaining/securing items where feasible will provide some level of target hardening.

Make it so it’s not worth it to steal, so yeah just lock the chassis up. Maybe cover with a tarp as well.
Park at the front of the hotel where there will definitely be cameras, that tends to keep people from doing anything sneaky.

I leave the kart or trailer at the track if I can. If I can’t, a kart is 25" tall, a motel room door is usually 36" wide.


I recently added three security items to my trailer:

  1. Apple iTag GPS Tracker
  2. Lockable T-Bar handle on the side door with pad lock. (etrailer item)
  3. Trailer Ball Lock (Cheap-o MasterLock version) but its better than nothing.

bar lock


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Now that I finally have an iPhone, I may look into the AirTag or similar for the karts and the trailer. I like that idea. There was an incident of lost luggage where a couple flying from South Africa to Ireland had their bag go missing. AirTags were in each bag so eventually after much haranguing of the airline they got their bags.

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Most hotels are on busy streets with foot traffic. I avoid this problem by using airbnb, and looking for rentals that are more set back from street. Unlike hotels, most houses tend to be further away from busy streets. Alternatively, you may be able to leave your trailer at the track overnight – just ask.

How about this?