Seeking on kart camera mounting pictures or advice

I’ve been looking around the web for pictures of actual camera mounting on a kart. The easy one is mounting on the fairing, which I’ve done in the past with a GoPro. I want something that shows hands, feet, head, and track if possible. I have a Wide FOV SmartyCam on the way. I’m running a KA100 motor package, so I don’t have a convenient radiator mount point. I hope to get lots of pictures and advice in this thread so that there is a good resource for others looking for ideas.

So, I’m wondering if folks can post pictures of their camera mounted on their kart, or give advice about their mounting?

I don’t know if an angle that will give you everything you want. Faring is great but can only see toes, maybe. Top of head looks silly but gives the broadest view.

You can run multiple cameras and programs like racerender will display them all.

I just ran across this site. Ram Mounts. B Size is what comes with AIM mounts I think.

Seems like all the bits you might need to hard mount.

Series rules requires hard mount to kart, no helmet mount. And, I agree helmet mount may look silly sometimes, it also gives you a true drives point of view. That is so valuable.

We have used similar mounts coming off the left side chassis seat strut for the KA and SmartyCam. Just need to make an arm long enough, but you can definitely see hands and feet, and it’s actually pretty stable.


This is what we use on our KA for our onboard footage. These are made by RAM and we use the 6” arm, which is plenty long enough. Like TJ said, and like it is shown in the picture, it seems like the best place to mount them for KA is on the left side chassis seat strut. If angled properly, you should be able to see the drivers hands and both feet. The image is from Fast Kart Supply, I purchased from a local dealer myself, but they are an easy online option.


I purchased a similar one from Amazon:

It was less expensive than the Ram Mount and very sturdy. I plan on getting a second one to put on my Daughter’s Kid Kart. Rules do not allow helmet mounting at NTK either.

Does your track allow helmet mounts? This vantage point would give you all the information you are looking for.

I ran with my GoPro like this:

sorry don’t have kart at home. Mounts directly to side of seat through a single bolt. Whole thing is ultra light made of carbon fiber.

This is the view you get.