Selecting a Seat - Kart360 video


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If I’m honest, it didn’t help me pick a seat, just left me more confused, other than I’ll need a few to tune for different conditions.

What is a “soft” or a “stiff” kart? We use these terms all the time, but never see hard numbers on spring rates, resonance or damping, so how can you decide what you have? Then you have to consider the softest thing in the cornering system is probably your sidewalls.

You can’t go by tubing size or wall thickness alone because frame construction plays a role too, especially on diagonal load transfer (jack). Narrow waist, vs wide behave differently.

So where does that leave us. Confused I guess? Make sure there’s a seat in there, that’s a decent starting point.

I think you might be missing a bit of the point. The idea of the video was to explain that there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to a seat, and that’s worth having a discussion with a shop or an expert to get a good seat that fits your application. (IE Chassis, tires being used, body size, etc)

If he picked a specific seat, and said “Just put a Tillett in it.” then it’s just promotional ad for that specific product and people stop listening.

Besides, most chassis guides have a seat that they pick by default, so there isn’t really a need to do that.

I always just run a Tillett or OTK stock seat. -shrugs-

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It’s worth trying seats if you can, sure. But when you start talking about thickness of seat material, “stiff” and “soft” chassis etc etc it adds to ambiguity and confusion.

I guess it depends who it’s targeted at, I’m not sure myself. I think the (valid) point being made about one size doesn’t fit all gets lost in translation through all the terms.

To be fair, there’s a lot of merit to what TJ said IMO too. Run factory seat, unless it’s not comfortable for you, then run something comfortable. That right there is your lot for 98% of us.

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Same here. I’ve always liked the Tilletts, and don’t drive at a level where I’d not be on pole because of my seat :wink:

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Has anyone tried the “new” Jecko or Nek seats?
They have an extended front part of the seat, that looks like it would hold your hips and upper legs better than a standard design. I feel like my legs flop about when I’m driving.
I have a correctly fitted seat, but the extra support is appealing to me.

I just installed a jecko. I like the support but I haven’t driven with it yet. IMG_1175

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I’ve driven an NEK twice before, one was in a homemade kart one of my friends built, and the other was in a DR, which is a red CRG. The I had my old rib vest on when I tried them, but my immediate thought was that these were a lot more comfortable than the stock OTK that I was used to. I didn’t notice the extra support they had but it definitely felt better to me.

@zipty842 Any feedback from the track?

As anyone noticed that the shape of the Nek and Jecko are identical? They even use the same image for their documentation.

I’d lean towards the Jecko only because Dino Chiesa uses them in the Zanardi kart (and now his new venture Kart Republic).

If the kart isn’t jacking enough, just remove the seat altogether! You’ll have so much twist in the kart, problem solved! :joy:

I mentioned in the posture thread how I previously used a Max Transformer and now have a Tillett. The Tillett is great for my posture now, considering how we positioned it, but I can’t help but wonder how the Transformer compares if I wasn’t so damn close to the wheel, since the idea behind it is to use different struts for different seat stiffness. Has anyone else used the Transformer seat before? Check the pictures:


I got to drive with it one event. Overall, it didn’t feel like it changed the kart a whole lot over the IMAF F6 Silver I was running all year. I really liked the leg support, as well as the shape of the bottom. however, I should have went with my gut instinct when I was looking at them and bought the C series seat instead of the D series I got talked into. the main difference is that the C is considered the junior seats and is not as tall. I am 5’5" and its hard to drive with a seat jammed in your arm pits but I find that fitting and adjusting things like seats and pedals usually takes a few on track sessions for me. I’m working on selling the weirdly stiff Praga this winter and switching to something that should work a bit better with my smaller frame so I don’t know if I’m going to keep working with this seat but my teammate should be able to use it.

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