Self Made Karts

Some of you might be aware I have ventured into the world of building my own kart chassis from scratch. I am putting together a video series so you can follow the progress, It’s be cool if I wasn’t alone on this, so if any of you do your own chassis please get in touch :slight_smile:

Episode 1

Episode 2


Following! Love that you are doing this and producing the videos.

I also want to do this after my current build, because I’d like to build a “skateboard” chassis specifically designed for electric components instead of petrol.


By the way, I am loving this beard. Hope this stays post-Covid.

haha thanks ! It shall act as a living monument of the passage of time for the build… Though it might have to go for the respirator! :frowning:


Interested to know what filler rod you are using for your ’ brazing’

Common or garden brazing uses Silicon bronze rod but in the days when racing machines were made out of steel tube the ’ go to’ rod was Nickel bronze. Much stronger.

Technique using oxy / acetylene pretty much the same.

You may well have checked this out with Jade and presumably what is good enough for them will be okay for the rest of us .

I was using silcone bronze for practice work. I’ll see what Jade use. If nickel bronze is stronger i’ll deffo give that a look.

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