Senna's Kart At Monaco

Something a little different. not 100% sure if the kart is a replica or not. I believe it’s a formula K 135cc. There’s a video too but I’m having trouble finding it again…


Video was on McLaren’s Facebook page.


Zak Brown owns a couple of Senna’s karts, so its probably legit.

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It’s senna’s kart and not a replica

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Looks like that’s Senna’s ff2000 car behind the kart, and maybe his F3 car as well?

Here you go @KartingIsLife the video


There are question marks over the authenticity of this kart.

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I remember reading a Vroom article saying that
It would be very funny seeing their reaction

OK bit of a tangent but how did they end up 8cc off on the engine? 35cc (fa) or 16cc (100 at 50mm stroke and 54 slug)

But 8?

Must have been a cylinder and or crank mix up I guess.?

/edit it was by design to run 127cc it looks like.

New tooling was expensive and they weren’t flushed with cash is what I understand, but could be wrong.

IAME had no such issues.

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