Setting up Front Castor Camber without Laser

I have a 2014 Energy Corse Space Chassis with a Lo206

Is it at all possible to decently set up Castor and Camber without something such as a sniper tool? I when looking at my tires I know the right front is wearing pretty unevenly and ending up with a higher groove on the inside of the tire.

I know I’d have to turn the adjusters to move the kingpin but is it at all possible to set up the front without a sniper to a decent degree of accuracy?
Please and Thanks!

You might get varying answers, but I don’t put the lasers on when I adjust caster, or even camber for that matter. I laser it to set the alignment initially when I put the front end together, but once it’s even, I only throw the lasers on to double-check my camber or to check if something is bent.

There are more analog ways to check front end settings, but I don’t have experience with alignment plates.

Note that the inside shoulder of the tires usually wears more anyway due to the geometry of the front end. So that wouldn’t be unusual.

Lastly, I would say a set of lasers is a really nice tool to have in your toolbox. I have a set that is about 10 years old and they still work great to this day.


This video may help you out. If not you could try to go to your local track, I’m sure someone would be willing to lend you theirs.

To this day, my Dad still sets up his front end of his racecar with a tape measure. The key is to measure from fixed points to the edge of the tire. Top, Bottom, Front, Back does not matter as long as you have a way to compare the differences. If the distance from the top of the tire compared to the bottom of the tire is different, that is camber. If the front distance is different than the back distance, that is your toe. You can also measure the distance from both forward edges of tires versus both rearward edges of tires to find your toe. Caster is a little trickier. You can measure the distance from the top of the kingpin compared to the bottom of the kingpin to a fixed point on the chassis to know which direction you have gone, but most chassis have Pills that make this adjustment very simple. No measures required. Either add Caster or remove Caster.

Like TJ said, lasers or plates are a good way to tell if something is bent or twisted (chassis), but the camber/caster adjustments are generally incremental by design of the Pills.