Settings carburetor

Hello, I apologize for my English.
I need help with settings carb (HHC) .
1)when I add gas at lower revs the engine starts to jerk and I only have to add a little .
I know that there are two screws for climbing (high and low speed). which do I have to rotate?
2)if I turn the screw to the right, is the mixture richer or leaner?
thank you, I’m a beginner and learning

Hi Martin. What engine do you have?

Turning the screws right (Ie tighten) the carburetoor will deliver less fuel and lean the mixture. The screw closest to the engine is low speed, furthest is the high speed.

One thing to note is that if the engine is not being driven quickly, it will also exhibit jerky and smoky behavior.

Do you know if the carb has been recently serviced? If not, this can also cause strange behavior.

Hello there !

What kind amd type and size is the carb ?

And in what type of engine ?

thank you very much for the answers.the problem is that I can’t give full throttle at low revs because it jerks. so I just have to add a little gas
Engine is KZH 100ccm water cooling and carb is HHC

I did the basic setup, tightened the screws to the maximum and then loosened after 60 minutes(360°)