Setup Advice for a Rear Slide

Evan, thanks for the info. I searched the website for info on the Kkart wheels but could not find any. Do you have a link? I am putting together a wheel comparison sheet and would like to include the KKart wheels if possible.

Yes, I know about aluminum. Just something we were gonna try on a street race. While it was not recommended, the kart wheel manufacturer that I work with tested an aluminum wheel on OK/KF karts a few years back in cold weather conditions and they found it to be good. Interestingly, none of the race teams work with were interested in it though. This was an anecdotal story they told me so I don’t have any hard data.

Can’t find any sort of web presence for them anymore, so I’m not sure if the company exists any longer. I know that they did exist at one point, but it’s sometimes tough to tell who actually makes what across the pond.

It looks like Righetti Ridolfi makes the same wheel:

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