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Hello fella racers… I have been told by many that i have to get my front gripped up, Or that my front is to loose, Causing me to get understeer and be very “hacky” and not smooth on the steering, I have a ipk kart fyi. look at this video and compare it to me driving. You see the difference in steering input? I realllly try to keep minimal steering but its just not possible i always have to get execive amout of steering och i endup hacking and fighting the kart midturn, i know if i setup the kart the prorper way its going to be alot better. Whats your guyses tips for this?

My current setup:
4mm camber = 2mm on each side,
-1 toe (idk why laser just say that
2 Degrees caster pill (2 dots for ipk)
1395mm rear track with mag hubs.
Ackerman and spindel settings on standard,
Rear bumper loose
and i forgot front track…

Other guy that has laptime of 38,42
Albin Karlsson - Onboard - 38.42 - Järfälla Gokartbana - X30 Senior - YouTube

Me with a laptime of 37,74
Hotlap Järfälla MK 37,74 - YouTube

It could be driving style related, but I would check alignment again and set it to 2mm total toe out.

I would try increase caster one dot more and try to be smoother with the wheel. Take the corner in one motion

Try without the torsion bar as well

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I dont think there is a 3 plup caster 2 is max… Yeah i knew -1mm toe was hella of right? Idk why… Do i have to do something with ackerman?

Standard IPK we run here:

70mm front hubs with 1 big (10mm) spacer and 1 small (5mm) spacer a side
2mm toe out per side (4mm total)
+2mm to -2mm camber depending on if you want more or less front respectively
White nylon front bar
1 dot caster pills
Ackerman spindle center holes
Steering column at the 3rd holes away from the column
1385mm rear track with the 95mm rear hubs
MR 1030mm axle
Rear bumper and side pods loose

Check what you have against here and see if there’s anything major. The toe will be causing most of your problems though I’d imagine

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