Sharp Mini Gears- Snake Oil?

So lately I’ve noticed a ton of people in the field are switching to Sharp Mini Gears. I was wondering if anyone would share their experiences with them (good or bad). Seems like a pretty pricey investment?

Its not snake oil, but its definitely user preference. A few folks went through that phase last year. No one claimed a noticeable difference in performance. We tested some back to back and could not justify the cost (read as 0 improvement in lap time). The one guy I know who still uses them likes them for “half tooth changes” because he has more gear options to play with

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I’ve tried mini’s… Agree with Derek that they aren’t worth the expense to switch.

But I think you have now?

I switched to them recently for gear change conveinence when running multiple classes. With these minis and an odenthal, I can do driver and rear gear in under 120 seconds.

Performance advantage? ZERO

Anyone want to try a synchronous-belt drive on a Briggs? Should be substantially lower friction and inertia than any chain - contact Steve or Patrick at Swerve Drive Systems in Everett, Washington.

I’ve often wondered why we don’t use a belt in lo206.

I am curious… I checked out their site and they have some neat products. Are they working on a system?

Will not be legal for tracks using the Briggs rule book.

Then it should be modified. Chains are more efficient at transmitting power than belts, so there’s no reason to exclude them.

Perception overriding reality is a good reason to exclude them. It escalates costs as soon as one guy runs up front with one. Doesn’t matter wether it’s down to belt drive or not, the perception will be that it’s needed.


remembered things incorrectly, though I do like the idea of no maintenance belt drive systems

I’ve used smoker performance mini gears all year in lo206 with great success. I’ve also started using them with the x30. All of my data shows gains. I’d recommend them to anyone! The quality is second to none as well! Jamie at Franklin Motorsports stocks the smoker gears.

Drivers are non-tech. SDS is in development. One major downside is that you will not be able to change reduction ratios quickly at all.

You must be reading a different rule set than me. “Sprocket conversion drums/kits from other manufacturers are prohibited”

Charles, I know the 206 is not your usual area, but we went through this debacle a few years ago where Briggs put a very tight rule set on the clutch on purpose. They did it for this exact reason. So people didn’t think they had to go buy the clutch of the month.

Now, we could debate the usefulness and stupidity of this rule (and we would probably be on the same side). But, if you think you are going to slip some belt drive system past their rulebook and call it legal, you are wasting your time and money.

Hopefully, whoever your local target market is can operate under a local exception and let you have your fun, but it will always be illegal in the national rule book.

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Belt drive systems in karting has been around for a long time anyway though.
This already exists as a replacement drum for a hilliard and rear sprockets to match.

Problem still is like Derek said, any club following briggs rules does not allow it.

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