Shelf life of race fuel?

What is the safe shelf life of a opened 5 gallon container of VP MS98L? I usually just dump the left overs into my truck at the end of the season but im just curious for future reference. Thanks!

I am not expert but…

How much sun does the fuel see? The less the better, UV light breaks down the fuel and can lower your octane level. Temperature is key as well. Keep the temp consistent as swings can cause the fuel tank breathe which also lowers octane rating. Keep tank tightly sealed as well to prevent breathing. Keep the tank as full as possible to prevent vapor build up which also causes breathing.
In terms of how long, thats up to who made the fuel and what they have put in it.

I see. The fuel is always kept in the shade (under my trucks hard bed cover or stored in a heated shop in a shaded area on a shelf. Temp swings and sun are almost never had.

Good! Thats a start. Most fuel places have fuel sitting in tanks for months in tightly sealed steel containers.(at least for the high performance stuff). Most racing fuels should last a year if not longer as long as they are taken care of.