Shifter Kart Chain Lube Inquiry

Using Motul Steet Chain Lube success so far, degreasing it after each dry track session. Questions are : What’s the preferred chain lube & how often do you guys re-lube up? Seems the Motul sticks and stays even after a chain bath.
Mahalos from SoCal

I lube after/before every track session. Currently I have been using the Motul Chain Paste. I’ve also used DuPont Teflon Chain Saver.

Paste type lubes flick off less. Probably 1 thing I prefer to do “differently” is shoot it on the inside/gear side of the chain, which is where the frictional contact is. A WD40 straw is your friend here.

Same here, I use the paste or spray on the inside of the chain, so it also lubes the sprockets. That’s where it does the best work.

Thx Michael. The Motul road lube (vs. their off-road I use for my dirt bike) is VERY sticky. Can’t help to think there’s some friction/power loss going on. I’ll try your suggestion brotha


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Honestly, the “friction loss” arguments are overhyped when talking about lubricant. Personally, I’d love to see a sealed bearing with a zerk fitting made for karting applications. Yes, it’s true, grease is tackier than oil, but it’s an academic, argument, if even a factor at all. Tacky chain is a nonissue. The engine isn’t even trying at the speeds we’re hitting.

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We’ve found Amsoils chain lube to be the best. It gets into the roller bearings really well and is fairly thin but doesn’t evaporate as fast as the motul seems to. The other fantastic thing about it is the sling is fairly minimal and very easy to remove from the frame, as for some reason Amsoil reacts with WD40 Super well. So a quick shot of that and any sling or grossness is gone.

We used to use maxima chain lube before and that was great, outstanding protection but the sling was obscene. From what we’ve seen Amsoils chain lube outlasts Motul, just as protective as Maxima and also has way less sling and mess.

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