Shifter Kart Classes in Ontario

Hey Everyone.

I’m just looking to get some info on shifter kart classes in Ontario. I’m currently racing out of BMP(Brechin Motorsports Park) and they do not offer a shifter class. I know Innisfil Indy runs shifters but I was just curious what other tracks in Ontario do as well.

I also wanted to know:

-What shifter engine class exist( Iame, Honda, Rok)

  • Any and all info about getting into Shifter Karts especially info geared(pun intended) toward Ontario or specific clubs.

I just wanna know as much as possible about shifter karts lol. Thanks everyone

By the looks of google maps your home track is around the Toronto area. I know the Vega cup used to roll through mosport and some other tracks near by. Seems roughly an hour from your home track to mosport. They offer assumably open shifter, not sure about their club level stuff being from Alberta, however nationals always runs open 125 shifter when it goes through there meaning you can run a stock moto, rok, x30, or a kz with the kz being Likely the fastest and most competitive of the bunch. If that tracks an option for you I would get in touch with the club there and see what your options are. It’s an unbelievably good looking track with lots of elevation change and so forth.

I just wonder if there is an class for the Iame Shifter X30 125cc in Ontario…or even Canada. I would love to see the Iame 175cc super shifter make its way up here but it might be too small of a market

Look at TRAK (Toronto racing association of karters). They run rok shifters at both Mosport and Goodwood.

The x30 would mostly be an option in open shifter classes, im unaware of any series that runs that engine specifically. Rok shifter seems to be the motor to have in most areas currently. Its a very good motor package.