Shifter kart consumable prices for Canada

Hey I plan on racing shifter kart in masters this summer for the first time. It’s in Ontario so I was wondering if someone could give me an accurate estimate of the cost of consumables.

tires, fuel, brakes etc

-I’ll be running a CL(Birel) Chassis.
-I’ve been told a set of tires will last 2 race days.
-Fuel will be VP MS98

  • not sure on brake pads

Just wanted to do get an estimate on things. Thanks

What sort of engine are you running?

My estimates for 10 weekends of racing using a TM KZ engine:

  1. 10 sets of tires for 2500 CAD - each set lasts two days - a race day on new tires and a practice day on old ones
  2. An engine top-end overhaul midseason and a full rebuild near the end for 2000 CAD
  3. 2 gallons of MS98 with Motul per day x 20 days = 40 gallons of fuel for 1000 CAD
  4. 50 CAD in random weird stuff breaking per weekend x 10 weekends = 500 CAD
  5. Entry fees at 150 CAD per weekend (fifty to practice, a hundred to race) = 1500 CAD
  6. Five hundred bucks for crash damage

I’d guess it would cost about 7500 CAD out of pocket. Depreciation of a year-old chassis and year-old engine would add a couple grand. Ten grand plus travel costs is a good rough total.

If you’re a beginner you’ll be easier on tires and engines. If you only drive three races it’ll still cost you five grand between the depreciation and the single offseason engine rebuild. This schedule has you driving more than 80% of the drivers in this sport and you’ll improve rapidly.


Fuel price seems a bit low Charles, but this matches up pretty good with what I spend in USD, considering exchange and everything. More people should consider the yearly costs of running any class. It’s no fun running if you get out of your budget. Better to run 206 or KA or what have you than dump money into 125 or Shifter, and be stressed because you tore up your bumper or stuck a piston.

I know people at our track that skimp on rebuilds so they can “afford” racing, your not affording it, your playing Russian roulette, and sooner or later your luck runs out. Better to go into a class you can afford and really be able to enjoy it.

People should also consider eating out, lodging, etc if they have to do that to race. I drive nearly 200 miles each race day, and camp over night at the track, not all tracks can/will allow that, so that is something to consider.

Honestly, if I could get people to run 4T or KA at our track, I’d probably run that over 125. From what I’ve seen the competition looks a lot more fun, albeit a bit slower.

As for brakes, it just depends on what brakes you have. My buddies CRG it’s about $35 a pair for each disc, for my IKP, it’s about 70-80. I chew up a set a year, but I’m pretty aggressive with them, I know some people that get 2 seasons or even more.

In my experience, KA100, X30, and KZ cost the same to run, within 5%. The least expensive powerful engine I’ve run was an SSE175 shifter, simply because it ran just fine with 40 hours on a piston and 53 on the bottom end - and it only used two rear sprockets and a chain.

KZ costs the most for engines, fuel, and rebuilds. X30 costs the most for chains, sprockets, clutches. KA chews up drivetrain parts and carb kits, then goes on to destroy even glass-mat batteries. Then you add in the crash damage - KA is usually a demolition derby while the shifters could race with glass bodywork and not have to clean up.

I mean… Unless you’re racing with certain people… :joy: