Shifter Kart Engine Builders around WI/IL

Someone reached out to me looking for a shifter engine builder in WI/IL
The only one I can think of is CKT. What are the others?

It’s a stock moto.

Only one I know is Noah Stark in MN, but travel a lot to WI/IL/IN area.

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Darren Harden
Harden Motorsports Group
Nashville, IN

His son and driver is #4 in the nation right now in shifters, I believe. Swept Quincy in the Park. Won BatB last year. I don’t have time to list it all. :wink:

That’s a link to their Facebook page, btw. It’s displaying odd for me.

LAD is out of Chicago, he can build just about anything. I’m not sure if he did Stock Moto stuff before, but I know he can do KZ engines.

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Thanks for the reminder on LAD. I think they’ve worked with stockers. It’s for someone who’s just lapping to stay in shape for cars and he could use a resource to make sure everything is fresh and running strong.

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