Shifter linkage Adjustment . Skipping Gears

Hey guys, we are trying to get to get down to an issue that came up with our KZ.
On a practice day the shift arm(connects from the engine to the bottom of the shift lever) broke in half. We got a nee one but its complelty straight as the old one had two bends in it. We tried to replicate the bends installed the arm and now the kart sometimes skips a gear when going up in a gear (pulling towards myself) so ill come out of the last turn on to the straight from 4th and go into 5th but skips into 6th…very frustrating you can imagine.

This happens with other gears as well. Its not just 5th. Sometimes it’ll jump 4th thus throwing me out of the power band then bogging down.

Can it be that we just need to adjust the bend on the arm?? One kart shop said that the bending of that shift arm is crucial?? Makes no sense to me

Yeah that’s a pain, had that happen more than once. Look at and adjust the entire system so that it firmly clicks into each gear.

Adjust the linkage length.
Shifter arm on the transmission.
Linkage bar shape.

The process is hard to explain in text, but once you start to work on it, it will make sense. Depending on how the first two items are, you might not have to bend the linkage bar. You want to make sure that there is clearance between the seat and linkage bar of course.