Shortening Chain

I’m changing the rear sprocket from an 82t to 80t on both of my Rotax karts. The chains that are on the karts are now too long (no more forward adjustment on the engine). When I was given the karts there were several new chains that came with them but they are all 114 links and I need 104. There was also a chain breaker tool included so my question is can I shorten the chain with the chain breaker then push the pin back through to reconnect it and then peen the pin over. Just wondering if this is what other people are doing.

Yup, you got it.

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No need to peen the end over. The tool is designed to push the pin almost out and the other slot puts it back in place. Whatever you do, don’t push it completely out, you’ll never get it back in. It takes a little practice but you’ll get the hang of it. Be careful not to create a bind where you rejoin it…if that happens, flip the tool and work the pin back in the other direction a tiny bit.

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Never push the pin all the way out, that’s the trick.