Showcase your local track!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? Show you local track some love!

So I’m sure everyone’s home track is their favorite track. But with that said, if you have a set of tracks you enjoy, post them here!

My local: Monticello, FL. (Less than an hour outside Tallahassee, FL.)

My track is a bit special. The one mile track in Monticello was designed by Pablo Montoya (father of Juan Pablo Montoya). It is noted as one of the top kart track layouts in the world. Each corner is named after a titan in the world or racing. Its fast track and alot of fun to run.

mont from air


I’m a noob here, and to karting. Just got a new CompKart COVERT 3.0 R-22 x30 TAG from TimmyTech and I run it at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Cool track, in my estimation.

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Atlanta is on my short list of tracks I want to run.

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Mac Track, McMinnville, Or


This is what’s “local” to me (2 hour drive)

30-45 minutes farther is Pat’s Acres but they have changed their business model quite a bit to mostly support their rental fleet, and also raised prices enough that it’s not worth it for me to make the trip even if it is one of my favorite tracks.

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I’m going to say Yas Kartzone, I don’t usually like flat circuits but I have to say my other local track Al Forsan is less favorable, whilst it’s a fantastic track a large section has been closed for almost 2 years, and the karts Sodi SR5 I find understeer terribly. I always leave frustrated, sadly.

Yas on the other hand has gone up in my estimations, it’s close (25 minutes), karts are fairly good though a tad underpowered they’re well balanced. Until Covid restrictions eased I hadn’t thought about driving my KT2 x30 on it but I did because nowhere else was open, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the asphalt is grippy as hell!

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SIMA, on the US-Canada border:



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The Historical 103rd Street Racetrack in Jacksonville, FL. (AKA- North Florida Kart Club)

Only track I’ve seen that is actually a city park where people can race at for free so long as there isn’t a sponsored event like CKNA, WKA.

The property at 10244 103rd Street was originally purchased by Duval County on August 19, 1960 from Hercules, Inc. When consolidation occurred in 1968, the 14-acre park became part of the City of Jacksonville’s facilities in the Department of Recreation and Public Affairs. The park consists of a 0.5-mile lighted asphalt go-kart track, bleachers, grills, restrooms and parking.


I gotta say these tracks of your in Saudi are all very posh.

Yeah mostly they’re pretty good. Forsan it’s a shame as that’s always been my favorite track, but the section that’s closed is the section that really makes it - a fast crested right hander that drops into a heavy braking zone. Only when the track is well rubbered can you keep it planted (2 stroke) otherwise you gotta lift at the crest, or stay with it and control the loose rear nudging 60mph into a braking zone, balls of solid rock required to find the limit :joy:

Dubai is also a great track and still less than an hour away, but I find the atmosphere a bit clinical. Yas is closest to me right now and at the minute my favored track

Forsan closed section:

Valence, or Actua Karting in Lyon, for me :hugs:



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We should meet up next time I’m in the alps with my daughter (Feb hols hopefully) we pass by Lyon and Valence on our way back to the Languedoc

Strathmore, Alberta Canada

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Stockholm Karting Center in Minnesota.


Ooh night shot is nice

Kart Ring Klippan Sweden for me since 2005👌🏻

(Kz2 POV Klippan kart track - YouTube)

Did you make that photo? It seems like it’s a bunch stitched together.

Found it on the website, badly cropped :grin:

Reminds me of a render in blender

Was in a post earlier this month but I have to share because I feel like a lucky little kid at Christmas.

Whiteland Raceway Park - Whiteland, IN


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