Side pod extenders

When running maximum rear width the wheels stick out past the side pods by 30mm or so. Noticed people going over each other and bending axles and spindles. Why would chassis manufactures make the mounting so narrow. Anything against pod extenders?

Thank you

If you have the pods out past the wheels, people are more likely to just nerf people off the road with side-to-side contact. At that point you might as well have a full-coverage rental kart bumper.

Some series have rules regarding how far the wheels can be in or out of the pods to prevent that sort of driving.

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I would rather be run off the track than off the track with a bent axle :slightly_smiling_face:
Would it make any performance difference if my track does not mind?
Just trying to
Avoid this happening…2 axles in 1 corner

Yeah that sucks, but this IS an open-wheel sport so sh*t like that happens.

No performance difference to having the pods out further, but I would check with your track’s rules before you run it just to make sure it’s legal.

Shrink driver egos, not grow sidepods. :slight_smile: